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Manuel Loca webportal

Version 1.0.2

Welcome to the manual of the Loca web portal (

In this manual we will go through all the functionalities that are available in the Loca iOS web portal.

In the menu on the left you will find all functionalities that are available in the app.

If you have any additions or comments, we would love to hear them!






The login screen

When you log in to for the first time, you will see a login screen. In this screen you will find the following parts:

  • Username: if you already have an account you can enter your username (email address) here
  • Password: The password you created with your account.
  • Language selection: can be changed to Dutch, English, German or French.
  • Forgot password: if you have lost or forgotten your password, you can reset your password using this button.
  • New user: Use this button if you do not yet have an account on Loca and you want to use and register the system for the first time. If you already have an account, you can log in and add your new Loca to your existing account.

Note: the password for the web portal, iOS app or Android app are always the same.

















Overview screen

The overview screen

In this screen you will find an overview of all your units that have been added to your account, possibly divided into groups.
You have the option to search (useful when you have many units in the list) but you can also add new Loca from this screen by clicking the Add Loca button at the top of the screen.

By means of theicon you can show/hide a unit on the map, you can also do this at group level, by checking or unchecking the group.

In the overview of the web portal we show the following information about a unit:

  • Battery status
  • Unit icon with GPS/LBS indicator
  • Unit name
  • Time indication how long ago the last location was received
  • Last known address
  • Order icon (shopping cart icon is only shown as soon as the battery is below 20% so that you can replace the unit in time)

Unit details:
Once you click on a unit (it will be marked Pink) and you will see the unit details below the map of the selected unit:

  • Last Location: The address of the last location determined.
  • Last Time: The time of the last determined location.
  • Battery status: indicates how many locations/days the battery has left at the set frequency.
  • Signal status: here you can monitor the GPS signal of your Loca.
    The fuller the bar, the better the signal. The better the signal, the more accurate the location will be.
  • Notifications: here you can turn on/off various notifications that you want to receive via the app or by email.
  • Frequency: here you can change the frequency of the Loca, so how often it should send a location.
  • Group: here you can assign the unit to a self-created group.

The functions of these buttons are further explained below.









Here you can set the different notifications you want to receive by e-mail.

To turn on a notification slide the ball from left to right so that it turns pink

  • Notification new received position: Receive a notification when a new location/position is received.
  • Notification when battery is almost empty (<20%): receive a notification when the battery drops below 20% so that you can replace the Loca in time.
  • Last location 3 days ago: receive a notification if no new location or position has been received from the Loca for 3 days. This way you know that there may be something wrong or that the Loca is in a place where there is no range.





















In this screen you can change the frequency and time of your Loca.

  • Frequency: Here you specify how often you want Loca to send a location.
    The more positions you want to receive, the shorter the battery lasts!
  • Time of locations: here you can indicate what time you wish to receive the Location. For example 1x a day at 13.00
    Remaining positions: Here you can see how long the Loca’s battery lasts with the selected frequency

When you change the frequency of your Loca, it will be processed at the next position received.

Example 1: 

  • You will receive a position 1x per day at 10.00.
  • You adjust the frequency at 9.30 pm to every 4 hours with the time being 10.00.
  • You will then receive a position every 4 hours from 10.00 the next day.

Example 2: 

  • You will receive a position 1x per day at 10.00.
  • You adjust the frequency at 9:30 PM to every 4 hours with the time 9:00 AM.
  • Your setting will then be processed at 10:00 the next day.
  • The next day at 9.00 a position will be sent every 4 hours.





















In this screen you can assign your unit to a group.

  • Find the group you want to link the Loca to and click OKE
  • If you want to create a new group, go to the Settings menu



















In this screen you can view the location history of your Loca:

  • Click on the Loca whose history you want to view (so that it is marked Pink).
  • Select the desired period at the bottom right. If you choose day, then 1 day back will be selected, if you choose week, the system shows last week. The displayed period is also shown below the map so that you can see exactly which period is on the map. You can click on each location shown on the map, so that you can see exactly what time and where exactly it was.
  • At period you can specify a desired period for which you want to show the history.






















Unit settings

In this screen you can change the settings of a Loca.

  • Unitname: give your unit a name.
  • Serialnumber: some machines or objects have a serial number, which you can (optionally) enter here.
  • Brand: in this field you can enter the brand of the object.
  • Model: here you can specify the model of the object on which the Loca is placed.
  • Unit Code: the s/n code of the relevant Loca is displayed here. This code can also be found on the sticker with QR code on the Loca.
  • Unit icon: Click on the icon to change it. The icon also has the indication to see if it is a GPS or LBS location. More information about LBS can be found here.



Location frequency



Note: do not forget to click on the “Save settings” button if you have changed or added data.




















In this screen you can generate a report for your Loca.

  • Choose the relevant Loca and make sure these (or more) are checked
  • Select the start date
  • Select the end date
  • Click Export to csv

The report will be downloaded, and you will often see it appear at the bottom of your browser.
The report is exported in *.csv format which you can import into Excel.
If you want to import the report, open an empty Excel sheet, go to Data and choose “From text/CSV” choose the exported csv and click to import.
The report will then look something like this: