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Manuel Loca Android app

Version 1.0.2

Welcome to the Loca Manuel for the Android app.

In this manual we will go through all the functionalities that are available in the Loca Android app.

In the menu on the left you will find all functionalities that are available in the app.

If you have any additions or comments, we would love to hear them!

Overview screen

The overview screen

In this screen you will find an overview of all your units that you have added, possibly divided into groups.
You have the option to search, useful when you have many units in the app. You can also add new Locas from this screen by clicking on the icon at the bottom right.

With the filter icon at the top right, you can show or hide units in the overview screen.
Handy if you have units that are empty, but still want to keep them to view the history again, but don’t want to always have them in view.


In the overview of the app we show the following information about a unit:

  • Unit icon with GPS/LBS indicator (click here for more info on what is LBS?)
  • Unit name
  • Last known address
  • Number of minutes/hours since last position was received
  • Battery status
  • Order icon (shopping cart icon is only shown when the battery is below 20% so that you can replace the unit in time)













Detail screen



The detail screen

In this screen you can see the details of your clicked unit.

  • Last Location: The address of the last determined location
  • Last time: the time of the last determined location
  • Unit icon:  click on the icon to change it
    The icon also has the indication to see if it is a GPS or LBS location. More information about LBS can be found here.
  • Signal status: here you can view the GPS signal of your Loca.The fuller the bar, the better the signal.
    The better the signal, the more accurate the location will be.
  • Battery status: indicates how many locations/days the battery has left at the set frequency
  • Notifications: Click here so you can turn on/off various notifications that you want to receive via the app or by email
  • Group: Click here so you can assign the unit to a self-created group
  • Location Frequency: here you can change the frequency of the Loca, so how often it should send a location
  • Share location: allows you to share the last received location with others via WhatsApp, email, chat, etc.
  • History: via this button you can view the locations from the past, the locations of the selected period are then shown on the map.

The functions are further explained below.
















Here you can set the different notifications that you want to receive via a Push message or E-mail.
With a Push message you will receive a notification on the smartphone on which the app is installed, you do not have to open the app separately.

To turn on a notification, slide the ball from left to right. If it turns pink, the notification is active.

  • New Location: Get notified when a new location/position is received
  • Battery Low(<20%): receive a notification when the battery drops below 20% so that you can replace the Loca in time.
  • No location in 3 days: Receive a notification if no new location or position has been received by the Loca for 3 days. This way you know that there may be something wrong or that the Loca is in a place where there is no range. View tips here to check the range of your Loca.





















In this screen you can assign your unit to a group, or create a new group.

  • Check the desired group to which you want to add your unit.
  • If you want to create a new group, click on the + icon in the top right or bottom right and enter the name of your group.






















Location Frequency


Adjust frequency

In this screen you can change the frequency and time at which you receive a location from your Loca.

  • Frequency: behind each frequency you can see how long the battery of the unit lasts (in number of days).
  • Automatic reset to 1x per Day after 24 hours: this option means that you can, for example, set the Loca to 1x per 10 minutes in the event of a calamity. Because the battery then runs out quickly, you can use this function to automatically reset the frequency to 1x a day after 24 hours. The more positions you want to receive, the less long the battery lasts.
  • Time: here you can indicate what time you want to receive an update of the location, for example: 1x a day at 13.00.

When you change the frequency of your Loca, it will be processed at the next position received.

Example 1: 

  • You will receive a position 1x per day at 10:00 am.
  • You adjust the frequency at 9:30 PM to “6x a day”, you want to receive the frequency at 10:00 AM.
  • You will then receive a new location every 4 hours from 10 a.m. the next day.

Example 2: 

  • You will receive a position 1x per day at 10:00 am.
  • You adjust the frequency at 9:30 PM to “6x a day”, you want to receive the frequency at 9:00 AM.
  • Your setting will then be processed at 10:00 AM the next day.
  • The next day at 9:00 AM, you will receive a new location every 4 hours.






















In this screen you can view the history of your units:

  • Choose the desired period, all locations will be shown on the map.
  • Click on an icon on the map to see the details of that location.



















Change Icon





Change icon

If you clicked on the icon from the detail screen you can choose a matching icon, such as a car, motorcycle, boat or container.

That way you can see, for example, faster on the map or in the overview which unit it concerns, or what you use the unit for.

The GPS icon is automatically changed to an LBS icon, as soon as the Loca cannot receive a GPS signal. Read more about the difference between GPS and LBS here.

















Create Location




Create location

In this screen you can make a fixed address of a received location. This allows you to enter a company name or other name, for example.

The system then automatically recognizes when a location is received within a certain radius, and will complete the data you have entered, such as a name or house number. Via Settings > Addresses you can specify a radius per set address. The radius is the radius in which the location must be before the data will be supplemented or modified.

This setting is convenient, for example, when an object is at an intersection and displays a different address each time. If you create a Location for this, you will now see the same address, possibly with a name.






















In this screen you can view the map showing all the latest locations of the Loca’s that you have in your account.

If you click on an icon on the map, the details of that specific Loca will be shown, such as the date and time and the address.
Via the icon itself you can see whether this was a GPS or LBS location.

For example, with the search function you can type in the unit name you are looking for, the map will then automatically zoom in on this unit.




















In this screen you can generate a report for your Loca.

  • Select your Loca
  • Choose the start date
  • Choose the end date
  • Click EXECUTE

The report will automatically be sent by E-mail to the E-mail address where you registered and logged in your Loca.
This comes in *.csv format which you can open in Excel, and contains the Locations of your unit.

















Settings screen





In this screen you can change various options and settings

  • My Loca: view the list of your Loca’s and change name, or other unit details.
  • Manage groups: Edit or create your groups that you want to associate units with.
  • Addresses: change or fill in the Location addresses, and adjust the radius if necessary.
  • About Loca: here you can find the version of the app and contact information.

Below you will find more detailed information about these fields.


















My Loca




My Loca

In this screen you can see an overview of the Loca’s in your account. Here you can easily adjust or supplement the data of the Loca.

  • Label: give your unit a name
  • Serial Number: some machines or objects have a serial number, which you can (optionally) enter here.
  • Brand: in this field you can enter the brand of the object.
  • Model: here you can specify the model of the object on which the Loca is placed.
  • Code: here the s/n code of the relevant Loca is displayed. This code can also be found on the sticker with QR code on the Loca, and cannot be changed
































Manage Groups




Manage Groups

In this screen you see the overview of your groups, and you can change them if necessary.

Clicking on the group name will take you to a screen where you can change the name.
If you click on the + icon you can add a new group that you can then call up again at the unit in the Details screen
























In this screen you see an overview of your created addresses. This can be used to automatically state a company name or house number at a location from now on.

  • Name: here you can, for example, enter a company name or customer name.
  • Number: state the house number if necessary
  • Street: you can change the street name if necessary
  • City: the city name of the address
  • District: the district of your location
  • Region: the region of your location
  • State: the state of your location
  • Zipcode: the postal code of the address
  • Country: the country of the location
  • Radius: Here you can specify the radius when the address has to be replaced by the modified address. This means that if it is for example 100 meters (which is often sufficient), the system will look in a circle (radius) of 100 meters around the coordinates and replace any location that falls within it with the address data specified here.





































In this screen you can see the version number of the Loca app.